B133D3R (sinoftheflesh) wrote in texaschainsaw,

bill fucking moseley

ken foree the black dude from dawn of the dead

kane hodder who has played jason many times and will be in the devils rejects (house of 1000 corpses sequel) next year

this fucking HOTTASS playboy plamate omg shes so fucking hott tyler bought a dvd i kick myself for not buying one, i nudged her boob at least I NUDGED A PLAYMATES BOOB

the inside

the new jay and silent bob strike back figures I NEED THE WILL FERELL ONE

i want the new leatherface one

i want!

this beautiful vampire chick i met

all my stuff i got
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cool,looks like you had a good time and met some nice people
Sounds like you had a good time. That is awesome that u met Kane
i have all those songs and yellowcard is fucking oldddd. there just now going mainstream because of ocean avenue. my brother was in the only one music video and he looks exactly like ryan. an interesting thing is we know people who look like every single person in the band, so were gonna do a pretty much shot for shot remake of the ocean avenue video. my brother is EXCELLENT at making music videos

www.danny11.com check it out
The last house on the left wasn't as scary as my mom had made it out to be. So when I watched it, it was somewhat of a let down. But anyways, where was this? Comicon?
and I want the leatherface doll so mother fucking bad.

yeah, thats all I have to say even though it was completely pointless