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I'm not sure if this is really the right community to be posting this in but I cant find any other Texas Chainsaw Massacre communities, so I was wondering if anybody knew where there were any GOOD tcm wallpapers for my comp, or any tcm winamp skins?

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just a guess... but I would just make one myself... there aren't too many things like that on the net... you might check devientart.com there is a tiny chance to find one there
I would make one, only i'm illiterate when it comes to photoshop or whatever people use to make icons. So I figured id take the easy way out and find soemone else who made some >=\
don't blame you... If i happen to make any I'll be sure to send them your way.

you should check out www.cruor.com and look at my leatherface collection if you get a chance
not all the pics are up but most are.
thx man, Id appreciate it >=]
I could make you one...if you IMed me on AIM (Moby6002)...and sent me the pics you want on it..